As Seen on TV!

Anna & Nicola

Last night I made my TV debut!

I helped the lovely Nicola declutter her wardrobe and style some new outfits as part of itv Tonight’s show ‘Keep, Chuck or Clean?’ which looked at people who hoard things and how simple changes can cut clutter, keep us healthy and save (or sometimes even earn) us some cash.

It was a wonderful experience to get involved with the project as its something I’m really passionate about. I genuinely don’t think you need a lot of clothes to look and feel your best each day.

You can take a look at the episode here  Keep, Chuck or Clean – itv Tonight

If you’d like to book a similar service to the one featured on the show take a look at my business website here for more details or simply drop me an email to



Smart Sales Shopping


The January sales are already in full swing, with most stores announcing their commencement on Boxing Day. I’m all for grabbing a bargain, but it can be easy to impulse buy when something is reduced in price, only to get the item home and realise it doesn’t work perfectly with your colouring, body shape and/or style personality.

It’s so easy to be lured by the word ‘SALE’ and we convince ourselves we’re saving money as we’re not paying full price for something and therefore it’s fine if it isn’t perfect. I don’t believe in settling when it comes to the clothes we wear, even if they are ‘a bargain’ so to help you avoid the pitfalls of sales shopping I’ve listed below the simple steps I follow to ensure I get the most out of sales shopping…


As with any other shopping trip, draw up a list of items you need, and stick to it. This will reduce the chance of you buying something on a whim, just because it’s reduced.

Also, be sure to take a little time to go through your wardrobe before you hit the shops and do a bit of an audit (so you don’t end up buying yet another stripey top when you already have five hanging in the wardrobe).


Lots of small purchases can soon add up and before you know it you’ve spent more than you intended. Have in mind the total amount you have to spend as well as a maximum amount for certain ‘big ticket’ items  (for example a Winter coat or new bag).


When conducting style consultations with my clients I often ask them to choose three words or a ‘style mantra’ to describe their personal style and the image they want to project. This really helps to ensure that every outfit and every item you buy projects the image you feel is authentic to who you are. When you’re considering a purchase take a moment to consider if it fits with your mantra so that you don’t end up taking items home that you later regret buying.


I trained as an image consultant over five years ago and see clients for colour consultations weekly, yet I still carry my own swatch wallet around with me. It’s so easy to fall into wearing the same handful of colours day-in, day-out, that I find it’s always good to have a handy reminder of the plethora of shades I have at my disposal. Having my swatch wallet with me also ensures I don’t purchase anything that doesn’t work with my natural colouring.


At the end of the day, clothes and fashion should be fun! If you see something you absolutely adore then go for it! As long as it makes you feel fabulous nothing else matters.

Happy shopping!

Anna x

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