Review & Gifting Policy

Thank you for considering ‘Glam Up North’ for reviewing your item.

I love to bring new brands, products and services to my readers and to that end all fashion and beauty pitches relevant to the subject matter of the blog are welcome. Subject to approval, ‘Glam Up North’ accepts gifted product samples to be showcased on the blog. Please note…

  • Gifts will only be accepted if they are natural fit to the subject matter of the blog and reflect my own personal style.
  • All reviews published on ‘Glam Up North’ are based on personal experience and will be a true reflection of my feelings on a product, service or brand.
  • I am happy to include links to websites, products and social media pages but no suggested language may accompany my review.
  • All gifted items will be declared in the body of the post and/or listed as c/0 (courtesy of ).
  • I reserve the right not to feature a gift or include a product review if I am not 100% happy with it (I never post unfavourable review, operating under the policy ‘if you have nothing nice to say…’)

To get in touch about working together please drop me a line at



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