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Every year Pantone selects a shade that they feel symbolises what is happening in our local culture.

For 2017 that shade is Greenery, a gorgeous yellow-green colour that I LOVE! I’m so pleased they’ve chosen a shade of green; often the colour that Pantone picks for the year then flows through everything from fashion to interiors, so expect to see a lot of it in coming months!

When I see clients for colour consultations we always discuss what colours they wear a lot of and green is NEVER mentioned (black, blue and grey are the most popular choices!), for some reason its just not a colour that people wear a lot of. I think this is such a shame as not only is it incredibly flattering (providing you choose the right shade), it also has such positive associations.

Greens can be really¬†versatile and look great with a variety of other shades, it’s the colour of life, renewal and energy and it symbolises freshness. So it seems fitting to have green as the topic of my first post in this fresh new year!

If you already have some green in your wardrobe then there are a multitude of shades you can wear it with depending on your colour category and style personality. Navy, cream, turquoise, yellow (primrose in particular looks so pretty with this shade of green) – the list goes on!

Don’t have any green? Then consider getting an item in this colour, even if it’s just an accessory (a bag, bracelet or earrings are all subtle ways to incorporate colour and instantly update your look very inexpensively).

Make 2017 your year to be colourful!

Remember, the key is to ensure you select the right shade – Greenery might not work for your colour characteristics, but another shade of green might (you know where to find me if you need some help with this!)


In the picture at the top of this post you’ll see I’ve worn my green Cos top with a cream coat, quite a ‘safe’ colour combo for me. My all time favourite colour to wear with green is actually navy as a I feel it gives the colours more depth and warmth, for me black flattens the green a little and I prefer a softer contrast.

Below is a little montage to give you some inspiration for how you may like to wear your greens, if you’d like to see more head on over to my Pinterest page here.

All images sourced on Pinterest.

All images sourced on Pinterest.


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